About us

Sailing together since 1975

In 1975, my father was the pioneer in the production and creation of the machinery for stainless steel shackles. We have been increasing the catalogue for years but we have maintained the authentical production system for forged shackles as well as specializing the company in quality products as for example High Resistance shackles or HR shackles. More than 90% of our production is exported all over the world.

Our products are installed in the best high competition sailing boats and the best block manufacturers use our pieces. These last years we have been increasing our catalogue with Snap Shackles, Snap Hooks, Swivels, etc. Our Company is located in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) and it is very communicated by land, sea and air.

Our intentions are to create the new products, our clients insisting on the quality and to have a big warehouse to keep an important stock in order to reducte the delivery time. In 2016 we have updated the company using robots in the most difficult production processes.

I would like to thank my clients for their loyalty to our products that means they have trusted in us and we are not going to deceive them.

Javier Garcia